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In the Civil War they called it “Hysteria”
In World War 1 they called it “Shell Shock”
In World War 2 they called it “Combat Fatigue”
In the Vietnam War they called it “PTSD”

And now Post Traumatic Stress is affecting and estimate of 400,000 of those who served in the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

The mission of Heroes and Healthy Families is to empower members of our Nation’s military families to heal the psychological wounds of war by offering a combination of unique and life-changing programs.

Inspirational Tours and Marriage Retreats are provided for members of the armed services and veterans around the world in order to process this war differently.

Alcohol Addiction-LtCol “Black Jack” Matthews

Help Heal the Invisible Wounds of War!The Heroes and Healthy Families program has been privileged to serve over 20,000 Marines and Sailors across the United States as a result of the support of hundreds of donors.Please join us in raising the funds necessary to expand the outreach of this critically needed program.

Because they deserve our support.