“I am amazed; this was the most outstanding class I’ve attended in the Marine I wish I had been able to get this type of training a lot earlier. I would’ve been a better NCO, and a better father.”“Could relate to the presentations because I’ve lost close friends to suicide and combat. This helped me to understand my responsibility as a leader in mentoring and helping my junior Marines. Well-done.”“Great Conference! Seeing a high ranking Marine talk about getting help makes it ok for us junior Marines to follow suit. This has changed my life.”

Help heal the invisible wounds
The Heroes and Healthy Families program has been privileged to serve over 21,000 Marines and Sailors across the United States as a result of the support of hundreds of donors.

So much has been accomplished, but there is so much left to do

Heroes and Healthy Families is in a position to expand worldwide as tens of thousands of troops return home from the battlefield.

The young men and women of today’s military have sacrificed immensely for our country.

Please join us in raising the funds necessary to expand the outreach of this critically needed program.

Because they deserve our support.