Heroes and Healthy Families is a powerful response to the sad reality that “almost twice as many service members committed suicide in 2012 than died in combat.”


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Conference Workbook
May 2011 Conference Workbook

Heroes and Healthy Families Program - Healing the wounds you cannot see.

The invisible wounds of war run deep.In the Civil War they called it “hysteria”In WWI they called it “Shell Shock”In WW2 they called it “Combat Fatigue”In the Vietnam War they called it “PTSD”

And it is now affecting an estimated 400,000 of those who served in the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

What is different today is that we now know that it is “normal” to be affected by the combat experience. Heroes and Healthy Families, is taking a unique approach to addressing these issues in support of our troops. The program utilizes trainers who are not only knowledgeable about the subject, but who have experienced the wounds of war personally.

Since 2004, the Heroes and Healthy Families program has traveled all around the United States holding a series of powerful conferences for active-duty personnel aimed at teaching:

  • How to identify and respond to the symptoms of PTSD
  • How to address substance abuse and family violence issues.
  • How to sensitively handle sexual assault.
  • How to strengthen intimate relationships
  • And a key component to every conference is suicide prevention.

Heroes and Healthy Families is committed to healing those wounds that you cannot see but are as important as those you can.

We are committed to training troops to identify the warning signs of any of these issues in themselves or those they supervise AND to take action to get the help that is needed. As two Marines summarized:

“This was the most important conference I have ever attended in my 18 years of military service. It taught me how to identify when my Marines are at-risk of serious things such as suicide, family violence and alcoholism and what to do about it.”“Suicide is a problem in the Marine Corp; I attempted myself. This gave me the confidence to help my Marines AND myself.”